• Successfully coached thousands of individuals from numerous industries, levels and functions through job transition.
  • Coached an assistant general manager of a global automotive company through a process focused on improving his communication style. He became a more engaging and effective leader and was promoted to General Manager.
  • Coached numerous “high potential” employees from the food and energy industries that enhanced their knowledge and skill level for advancement to the next step within their organization.
  • Trained and prepared managers on how to manage the notification process when employees lost their jobs due to reorganization. As a result, the separation process went smoothly.
  • Prepared employees on how to market and redeploy themselves internally to other departments when their positions were eliminated.
  • Coached the new president of a large U.S. defense company through a process that helped him assimilate into his new role quickly. All objectives were achieved within a 6 month period.
  • Helped a food service company narrow their selection of potential COO candidates using leadership assessments.
  • Strengthened employee morale and commitment that helped turn-around a chronically ailing service oriented business.