At the GPS-Consulting Group, we help individuals increase the effectiveness of their job search. Whether you are new to job search or have been looking for an extended time frame, we can help you. Hard work alone or having an excellent resume does not guarantee success. You have to understand and implement a complete job search strategy otherwise it is like a pitcher who throws only fast balls. How effective will the pitcher be over time?

Outplacement – Work with former employees through their transition process including taking them through an assessment process, helping them develop their personal commercial, prepare an effective resume with references, interviewing & negotiating strategies, networking strategies, and writing effective cover letters. Individualized personal  one-on-one coaching is also available.

Notifier Training –Trains your managers on what to expect and how to manage the notification process that will help the separation meeting go smoothly.

Career Training and Coaching – Helps former employees with their resume’, interviewing and negotiating skills and understanding why it is important to network effectively since 70% of people find their job through networking.

Redeployment – Prepares employees for searching internally as a result of their position being eliminated.

Team Building – Increases team effectiveness by helping employees understand why each team member sees and approaches work differently.

Executive Coaching – Coaches executives to help them overcome key challenges that prevent them from being effective. Many times the challenges are a result of communication or style issues. We incorporate 360 and other assessments as part of the process.

Employee and Leadership Development – Helps train and prepare “high potentials” for future leadership roles within an organization.